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My Services

People Person for Animal People

Interim Executive Support

Includes helping with the transition of operations to new leadership, as well as providing guidance and advice to ensure the successful transition of the shelter.

Shelter Consultation

Stakeholder Organizing

I offer both in-person and virtual evaluations of current shelter operations and will provide written recommendations and support with implementation. My goal is to help animal shelters run more efficiently and effectively to help the community, staff, and pets.

Getting bogged down by keyboard warriors? I can help organize and focus advocates, volunteers, and municipal leaders towards our shared goal of supporting the people and pets in the community. 


Below are just a few of the service and pricing options I offer. After our consultation, each potential client will receive a written proposal including timeline, deliverables and price for consideration before moving forward with our work. 

Cat Close Up


If you need support with community organizing, elected officials, staff training, reviewing SOPs, writing job descriptions, etc, this may be a good option for you!

Starting at $150/hour 


In-Person Assessment

Often the best way to learn about the community, staff, and situation at the shelter is through an in-person visit. I typically spend three days working alongside the frontline staff and meeting with the leadership. I will produce a confidential written assessment with clear recommendations. This also includes one month's retainer to support implementation of recommended changes and staff training post-visit.


Starts at $10,000 + travel costs

Image by Pascal Debrunner


From as-needed retainer to full-time in-person or virtual support, a monthly service contract guarantees you the highest level of access to my expertise, no matter the circumstances. This is the best option for interim executive support or following an in-person assessment. 


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